Absorbent cotton roll receptacle and dispenser


For reducing the bulk of absorbent cotton webs wound in rolls and dispensed from a container, discrete zones 111 of such a web are intensely compressed so as substantially to reduce the web thickness spotwise. The compression may be effected by calendering the web between 2 rollers of which at least one is toothed. The compression spots may be separated by sections 112 of uncompressed webs and/or transverse tearing lines can be provided by through cuts in the web. The dispensing container may consist of two half shells 211, 212 hinged together at 213 and each shell has a respective resilient lip 214, 215, the lips together forming an outlet port 217. Blades 218 are formed on the lips and the outlet port 217 can be closed by a lid 220. To cut the web the lips are pressed together and a pull on the web then severs the web. <IMAGE>




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