Stromversorgungssystem insbesondere für Linearantriebe für Betten und Sofa mit neigungsverstellbaren Kopf- und Fussstützen

Système d'alimentation électrique en particulier pour actionneurs linéaires pour des lits ou canapés avec affuie tête et/ou pied inclinable

Power supply system particularly for linear actuators for beds or couches with variable-angle headboard and/or footboard


A power supply system particularly for linear actuators for beds or couches with variable-angle headboard and/or footboard, which comprises a transformer (3) suitable to convert the electric power supplied by a mains power supply (2) into voltage and current values that are suitable to drive at least one electric motor (12) of a linear actuator. Means (8,9) for rectifying the voltage and the current are associated with the transformer (3). The particularity resides in the fact that the system comprises low heat-loss reactive means (4) that are interposed between the transformer (3) and the mains power supply (2) and can be cut in during the periods in which the at least one motor (12) is inactive, and bypass means (5,6) that are suitable to cut out the reactive means (4). The bypass means (5,6) are supplied by a low-voltage power supply (10) tapped from the transformer (3) during the inactive period of the motor.




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