A soil cultivating machine

Machine pour travailler le sol



The invention relates to a soil cultivating machine comprising a transmission accommodated in a frame portion (1) and intended to drive a plurality of soil working members (3) that are bearing-supported in said frame portion (1). At a bearing (19) of a soil working member (3) there is arranged a decompressor means for the frame portion (1) accommodating the transmission. A bearing (19) which constitutes the upper support for the upwardly extending shaft (2) of a soil working member (3) is provided with a decompressor means. The said means comprises a valve (22) in the bearing housing (18) connected to a tube (23), the upper side of which is provided with a decompressor valve (24). The tube (23) can be located at the inner side of a coupling trestle (27) present on the frame portion (1).




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