Preparation method for flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce



The invention discloses a preparation method for a flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce. The flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 90-100 parts of dried ivy mosses, 60-80 parts of tomato, 5-9 parts of mushroom powder, 6-15 parts of a seasoner, 5-10 parts of lotus root starch, 4-8 parts of konjak, 2-3 parts of honeysuckle flower, 1-2 parts of agropyron cristatum, 1-2 parts of fig, 2-3 parts of angelica keiskei koidzumi, 2-3 parts of poria cocos, 1-2 parts of hedyotis diffusa, 1-2 parts of donkey-hide glue, 1-2 parts of flos buddlejae, 2-3 parts of eucommia ulmoides leaves, 3-8 parts of stevioside and proper amount of plant oil. The prepared flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce is fresh, fragrant and mellow, is sour-sweet lightly-pungent in taste and unique in flavor, and is capable of increasing appetite; because the formula is added with beneficial components such as konjak and mushroom, the flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce is abundant in nutrition and health value; because of added angelica keiskei koidzumi, the flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce has the antibacterial anticancer efficacies; also because of added eucommia ulmoides leaves, the flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce has the efficacies of nourishing liver, tonifying kidney and strengthening tendons and bones; and the flavorful dried-ivy mosses sauce is edible for various populations, and is capable of strengthening body, promoting digestion and strengthening stomach.




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