Connecting element for connecting two installation units that are positioned side by side with adjacent broad sides



The invention relates to a connecting element (15, 20) for connecting two installation units (10, 13, 14) that are positioned side by side with adjacent broad sides, in particular, circuit-breakers, residual-current circuit-breakers or similar, at least one (13, 14) of said units having a narrower module width in relation to the normal module width of an installation unit. Said element can be used for example to connect an auxiliary switch to a circuit-breaker or residual-current circuit-breaker, or an auxiliary switch to a starting-circuit breaker, or an additional auxiliary switch to an auxiliary switch. The connecting element (15, 20) comprises a base body section (21) with two sprung arms (22, 23) that project in parallel. Lugs that project radially outwards (15, 26) and follow diametrically opposed sawtooth lines are formed on the free ends of said arms and the end of the connecting element that lies opposite said arms (22, 23) comprises a peripheral strip that acts as the head (32). The inner faces of the arms are provided with elements in the vicinity of the lugs (25, 26), said elements limiting the compression of the arms during the connection operation.




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