P-channel high power semiconductor constant-current diode and manufacturing method thereof

  • Inventors: QIAO LIU
  • Assignees: 贵州大学
  • Publication Date: July 18, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-101000931-A


This invention discloses a P-channel high-power semiconductor constant current diode and its manufacturing method, which takes JFET as the small constant current source to provide the constant base current to the bipolar transistor of current expansion, and forms a major constant current through proportional (linear) enlargement (expansion). The characteristic of this invention is to realize the constant current though the physical process of semiconductor structure, and not the technology of integrated circuit and electronic module (component). The invention has the function of using the semiconductor physical property to realize constant current circuit, and the merit of using the current expansion method to directly drive the load by constant current.




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