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CA-988870-A: Fluid container patent, CA-988907-A: Garbage bin patent, CA-989293-A: High-low chair back patent, CA-98954-A: Generateur a vapeur patent, CA-989585-A: Refractory casting tube for casting hot liquid metals and process for producing such casting tube patent, CA-989668-A: Pressure boosting system patent, CA-989978-A: Apparatus for determining the gross thrust of a jet engine patent, CA-990359-A: Cardiac pacemaker with variable width output pulse patent, CA-990788-A: Electric cells with control of gas pressure patent, CA-991600-A: Filling devices patent, CA-991652-A: Method for the preparation of flame retardant antimony compounds patent, CA-991709-A: Frequency and phase control system patent, CA-992224-A: Upholstery element patent, CA-992248-A: Process for the preparation of epoxy resin esters patent, CA-992796-A: Compactor interlock control patent, CA-993203-A: Heat engine patent, CA-993657-A: Potted plant display devices patent, CA-994479-A: Spectrometre a rayons x a grande ouverture angulaire patent, CA-994508-A: Loading yard having wharves patent, CA-994973-A: Simplified process for manufacturing cellulose acetate reverse osmosis membranes patent, CA-995080-A: Carburetor throttle valve with interconnecting mechanism patent, CA-995812-A: Computer generated optical sound tracks patent, CA-995990-A: Cellulosic flame retardant system patent, CA-996004-A: Apparatus for pedicure patent, CA-99622-A: Moulding machine patent, CA-996454-A: Guide apparatus for rotary saws having floating circular saw blades patent, CA-996471-A: Inclined plate fluid separation device having upper and lower discharges patent, CA-996719-A: Method of covering a joint between adjacent panels fastened onto a base patent, CA-9967-A: Mode de production du gaz patent, CA-996830-A: Vented adapter patent, CA-998990-A: Ammonia-synthesis catalyst patent, CA-999190-A: Apparatus for and method of raising underwater propulsion elements above a floating waterline patent, CA-999279-A: Adjustable lighting fixture for hung ceiling installation patent, CN-100998304-A: 渗灌管铺管机 patent, CN-100998356-A: 一种奶酪及其制备工艺 patent, CN-100998655-A: Method for preparing medicine to treat childhood amblyopia patent, CN-100999095-A: Bamboo wood filigree recombination board and its production method patent, CN-100999330-A: 一种混和型铝土矿生产氧化铝的方法 patent, CN-100999352-A: 魔芋接枝丙烯酰胺非离子高分子絮凝剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-100999428-A: 一种食用菌栽培料及其生产工艺 patent, CN-100999682-A: 燃料油光氧化脱硫方法 patent, CN-101000825-A: 一种补形成溶液及其应用 patent, CN-101000931-A: P沟道大功率半导体恒电流二极管及其制作方法 patent, CN-101001429-A: Electric saving method of mobile communication equipment patent, CN-101001464-A: Mobile communication terminal and its calling method patent, CN-101002236-A: 自动定位和操纵目标上的位置的系统 patent, CN-101002657-A: 电热式炒铲 patent, CN-101005107-A: 带金属凸点阵列结构的倒装发光二极管及其制作方法 patent, CN-101006176-A: 具有ω3脂肪酸去饱和活性的多肽及编码其多肽的多核苷酸及其利用 patent, CN-101006479-A: System for monitorying and its application method patent, CN-101006754-A: Electronic device and its manufacturing method patent, CN-101006988-A: Slow release preparation of puerarin patent, CN-101007160-A: Plaster for treating ostealgia and its preparation method patent, CN-101007413-A: Restoration processing method of osmotic color-changing log patent, CN-101007745-A: Pollution-reducing special fertilizer for leaf-kinds vegetable production patent, CN-101008199-A: Hollow shuttering member for concrete filling patent, CN-101009747-A: 基于多种ocr方案组合校验以准确提取数字的方法 patent, CN-101010131-A: Method for filling a chamber with a bed of variable density particles patent, CN-101010765-A: Connecting element for connecting two installation units that are positioned side by side with adjacent broad sides patent, CN-101011909-A: 一种发光海绵工艺品的制作方法 patent, CN-101012112-A: 高强混凝土速凝剂 patent, CN-101012775-A: Electrolysis cell and internal combustion engine kit comprising the same patent, CN-101013879-A: Intelligent control apparatus for multiple variable-frequency control system patent, CN-101013959-A: 业务交换点容灾方法及装置 patent, CN-101013973-A: 网元状态监测方法和网络管理设备 patent, CN-101014254-A: 包含他汀的组合物 patent, CN-101014525-A: Elevator cage and method for installing an elevator cage patent, CN-101015671-A: Chinese patent drug for treating cirrhosis patent, CN-101017039-A: Oil balancing unit of double-compressor air-conditioning patent, CN-101019508-A: Snow lotus polyploid inducing process patent, CN-101019742-A: 一种高耐磨的不粘炊具的制作方法 patent, CN-101019830-A: 一种含磷酸肌醇3-激酶抑制剂及拓扑酶抑制剂的抗癌组合物 patent, CN-101020073-A: 芳香剂喷雾装置 patent, CN-101020086-A: Prepn process of medical biotic skin patent, CN-101020318-A: 半成品橡胶裁断机 patent, CN-101020583-A: Nanometer composite La-Ce-Zr oxide patent, CN-101021151-A: 耐磨镐型截齿及其加工方法 patent, CN-101021504-A: 水中阳离子表面活性剂的传感器及制备方法 patent, CN-101021516-A: Method for in-situ sampling, separating, enriching and quantitative measuring aldehyde matter content in waterbody utilizing measured material diffusion patent, CN-101021848-A: Information searching system and method patent, CN-101021988-A: Current converter driving device and method patent, CN-101022028-A: Quick forward or quick backward method for digital copyright management multimedia player patent, CN-101022223-A: Portable electronic device and operating mode switching method thereof patent, CN-101022318-A: Processing device and method for tracking information in synchronous digital transmission system patent, CN-101022601-A: Mobile terminal calling shifting method and device patent, CN-101022835-A: Cyanine dyes conjugated with antibodies for the diagnosis of micrometastasis patent, CN-101023412-A: Semi-static parity distribution technique patent, CN-101023975-A: Composition containing effective parts of astragalus root and Acanthopanx senticosusharm and its use thereof patent, CN-101024145-A: 用气涡轮处理挥发性有机化合物的方法及其处理系统 patent, CN-101024264-A: Mobile rail-welding vehicle for railway patent, CN-101024717-A: Method and apparatus for containuously producing fire-retardant polyester patent, CN-101025154-A: Elastic-sealing-valve oil pump patent, CN-101025441-A: X-ray linear array detector patent, CN-101025939-A: Clock rate adjustment apparatus and method patent, CN-101025997-A: Data output driving circuit of semiconductor memory apparatus patent, CN-101027401-A: A method of producing a low molecular weight organic compound in a cell patent, CN-101027573-A: Multi sector pilot measurement selecting method and system based on time difference positioning model patent, CN-101027973-A: 银鹊树的一种体外培养方法 patent, CN-101028943-A: Electrolytic sewage floater remover patent, CN-101029649-A: Balancer for fan device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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